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Völklingen / Marcona: the past in the present

Photo: Stefan Törmer ©

The work “Völklingen- Marcona: the past in the present” are two iron sheets: two reproductions of the type press, shown in the demonstrations in Völkligen (1982) and Marcona (2015), in southern Peru.

There was a former ironworks in Völklingen, but there is still one in Marcona. The same thing was protested in both demonstrations: threats and unfounded dismissals. The images are shown as a past that is now placed in a new context: the past of these huts and the present of Peru as one unit. The corroded, old and damaged picture belongs to Völklingen and the overpainted and still unfinished picture of Peru, which was still done on.




"Land (e) scape" in HBK Gallery, Saarbrücken

"Land (e) scape" in designtransfer, Berlin

"Shift change" in Schloss Dagstuhl, Saarland . Note on German Television (Saarländische Rundfunk) (min 25:45) by curator Maria Fernanda Palacios Esparza


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